The Wedding Gown Experience: Part Two


Today I am sitting down with my bride Ashley for her wedding gown consultation before our trip to Kleinfeld’s New York (TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress). Here’s a snippet of my Q&A with her to help her find the perfect wedding gown:

Janet (The Wedding Planner): How much are you willing to spend on the gown you absolutely love?

Ashley (The Bride): I would like to stick to around $4,000 -$5,000.

Janet: What’s your budget for accessories and alterations?

Ashley: I honestly didn’t think about a budget for either one. What do you think?

Janet: The veil you showed me could cost about $2,000 plus the tiara $500. You can expect to spend around $400-$800 on alterations depending on the dress and sizing.

Ashley: Wow we’re almost over $8,000 which doesn’t include my undergarments and Loubs.

Janet: I know you love the mermaid/trumpet style gowns. Are you willing to try on a ball gown? It would look beautiful for your formal ballroom reception.

Ashley: I will try one but I think I am too petite for a ball gown. I will look like a little cake walking down the aisle.

Janet: Do you see yourself as bride who will love the first dress?

Ashley: No, I will have to sleep on it and try it on again for my family. I don’t see myself as one of those women.

Janet: Be open to the experience and we’ll have fun.

Stay tuned for Part Three of The Wedding Gown Experience!


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