The Wedding Gown Experience: Part One


I am so excited to prep my bride to find the perfect gown for her dream day. Shopping for the wedding gown can be the funniest part of planning for the bride or the most stressful. There are a lot of things to consider from your style, accessories, budget, and who to take with you for the appointment.

Luckily for my bride Ashley, she has me every step of the way. Ashley and I will have a Wedding Gown Experience consultation so she can get an idea of what styles she likes and what works best for her body type. I will educate her on different wedding gown necklines, silhouettes, and styles appropriate for her ballroom wedding reception.

I strongly recommend every bride knows her budget before trying on gowns. Most dresses require alterations, which should be budgeted as another expense. Along with alterations, expenses include the veil headpiece, jewelry, shoes, under garments, and any other unexpected expenses.

After our consultation, my bride and I will be ready to go to our appointment with Kleinfeld in New York (TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress).

Stay tuned for Part Two of The Wedding Gown Experience!


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