Budget Mistakes


Planning your wedding doesn’t have to break the bank. Creating a budget can be easy and help you stay on track for a stress free wedding. Here are my top 10 money mistakes to avoid:

1. Not setting a budget. Think ahead of how you want to spend your money and what is important for your wedding. Create a realistic budget and stick to it.

2. Skipping the fine print. Always read the fine print on vendor contracts, especially the cancellation policy and payment due dates. Organize contracts, receipts, contact information, and other wedding related paperwork.

3. Falling prey to peer pressure. Decide on what you want for your wedding instead of listening to the opinions of your friends and family. If flowers are not your forte then don’t spend your money on them because someone else tells you to.

4. Leaping before you look. Write a list of the items and vendors you will need for your wedding and do your research. Explore your options and don’t jump into something you are not sure of.

5. Getting stuck on should. Whatever should have been doesn’t matter. It is your day so do what you want.

6. Not knowing what you both want. I just said it’s your day but don’t forget about the groom. It is his day too, so include him when making decisions and ask him what is important to him.

7. Letting your guest list grow…and grow. If you have set a budget for 100 guests then do not go over your budget and invite more.

8. Stuffing your guests. Do not serve heavy hors d’oeuvres during the cocktail hour, your guests will be too full to eat the main course and dessert.

9. Not thinking creatively. Think outside of the box and shop for bargains. Do not purchase more items than you need. Avoid placing orders at the last minute where you have to pay for rush delivery.

10. Trying to do it all yourself. Hire a professional wedding planner to help you avoid these mistakes and add their fees to your budget. This investment will help you have a stress free wedding.


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