Wedding Vision Board


You have been dreaming of your wedding day since you were a little girl but Cinderella’s castle may not be in your budget. Now you are stressed out trying to make your wishes come true. Here are my tips for how to capture the vision of your dream wedding:

Take a wedding vision quiz. Start your planning early and find out what type of bride you are. Are you a classy bride, vintage bride, or another type of bride? Your wedding vision quiz will inspire you and guide the vision for your wedding.

Create a wedding vision board. Your wedding vision board is a visual representation of your dream wedding. Chose a theme. Collect images and pictures of your style, details, colors, and accents you want for your special day.

Set your intentions. List the goals you have for your wedding that will make you happy including your budget. Seeing your priorities will help you stay on track and most of all stress free.

Commit to viewing your vision board. View your vision board at least once a day. Commit to spending 30 minutes looking at your vision board, not just glancing at it.

Share your vision. Show your vision board to your groom, bridal party, or family. Your wedding vision board will let everyone else know what you want and make decisions easier.

This process will give you the foundation to have the stress free wedding of your dreams. I hope all of your vision board wishes come true!



































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