Wedding Invitation Etiquette:
Once you have secured your ceremony and reception locations then you will want to send out your “Save the Date” cards. This is very important for your out of town guests so they can begin to make arrangements for their trip. This also allows plenty of time for your guests to request the day off of work if they need to. 

Wedding invitations should be mailed out about 8 weeks before the wedding day. When sending out your invitations you will want to avoid using stick on address labels, including clear ones. You will want your invitation to have an elegant look, suitable to the occasion. Don’t forget to send invitations to your wedding party. They will want to have a keepsake of your special day too.

Before mailing out your invitations have one weighed so you have the proper amount of postage. If you would prefer, you can have your invitation hand-cancelled at the post office instead of using postage stamps.

If you are having an adult only reception then you will want to mention “Adult Reception” on your wedding stationery. Anyone in a household over the age of 18 should receive their own invitation.

Many engaged couples who have been living together want to ask for money or gift cards as they already have an established home together. Couples have come up with cute saying to ask for money, but it is never proper to ask your guests for money.

If you intend to have a Wedding Registry this information should be included in the Shower Invitation. A registry is useful because you can let your guests know exactly what patterns of china and silverware you would like to receive as well as décor items and so on. This way they can feel confident in getting you just the right gift. Be sure to select a variety of items at different price points so there is a selection for every budget.



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